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If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are probably concerned about the possible consequences you could be facing and what your options are.  The worst thing you can do is represent yourself and plead guilty.  It is NOT a crime to drink and drive.  It is ONLY a crime to drink and drive to the extent that you cannot safely operate your motor vehicle. Law enforcement officers often times profile you and make a predetermined decision that you are driving under the influence of alcohol based on factors such as, what time you are driving, what kind of car you are in, or where you are.  They will try to make the facts fit their “suspicions” and try to force you into believing that you must submit to their tests and plead guilty to the offense they have decided to charge you with.  This is simply not true! What they neglect to tell you is that the burden of proof is on them and without your cooperation, they often times have no substantive proof to meet their burden.

If you have been charged with DUI, you should immediately consult an experienced DUI attorney. At the law firm of Brian A. Dasinger, P.C., we have dealt with thousands of DUI cases.  We have the knowledge and experience to analyze the prosecution’s evidence and explain the options that may be available to you.  Even if you have no intention of pleading not guilty and simply desire to stay out of jail, entering a guilty plea may be a HUGE mistake.  There may be options available to you that would keep the offense off of your record and keep your fines and court costs down significantly.  And with the new ignition interlock device laws that have recently taken affect in Alabama and the drivers license suspensions that may affect you, we can also explain to you the ways that it may be possible to maintain your drivers license and keep you from having to install the ignition interlock device in your vehicle.  However, these things must be acted on quickly as you only have 10 days to request a driver’s license suspension hearing.

At the law firm of Brian A. Dasinger, P.C., you will be getting a former prosecutor with the experience of prosecuting and defending over a thousand DUIs.  You will be getting a law firm who knows what the prosecution has to do and has to ability to shoot holes in their case.  We understand that not driving may not be an option to you.  So whether you were just visiting one of our beautiful beaches at Orange Beach or Gulf Shores for the first time or whether you are a local resident of Baldwin County or one of the surrounding counties, there is no better firm to contact upon getting a DUI arrest than Brian A. Dasinger, P.C..  Call us at (251) 928-5588 or email at supportstaff@dasingerdefense.com today.


Traffic violations are rampant regardless of the location and just about anyone who drives a car can get involved in one. However, these are very minor offenses, unless they are perceived as serious threats to lives and property of others. Regular traffic violations are different to DUI violations. However, in order to present your case in a better way and avoid possible serious penalties, you should consult a quality criminal defense attorney.

Brian Dasinger, P.C., is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has. If you are based in Baldwin County and have committed a DUI or regular traffic violation, contact us now for legal assistance to protect yourself from a severe penalty and to learn more about these minor criminal offenses.

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