Juvenile Offenses

Mobile Baldwin County Juvenile offense defense lawyerJuvenile Offenses are criminal charges on individuals with ages below 18. Adolescents and children are prone to make mistakes, but sometimes when they become too reckless and end up committing crimes, they can land into serious trouble which can ruin their lives. These violations could include but are not limited to violent offenses, property offenses, drug offenses and public-order offenses.

Juvenile Offenses occur in quite alarming numbers in the United States. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, an estimated 1,615,400 juvenile delinquency cases were processed in the courts all around the United States. Among the Juvenile Offenses, drug law violations are particularly on the rise, which has increased 159% since 1985.

However, the law in the United States does not recognize these underage offenders as dangerous occupational criminals and recognize that they should serve time in correctional facilities. The idea is not to turn the children into hardened criminals by forcing them to share an inappropriate environment, but instead to reform them to become good citizens. Apart from that, the law puts into consideration their lives and careers ahead of them.

However, the consideration and respites offered to juvenile offenders are merely due to the age factor, and the law does not spare any criminal offender go unpunished. While how a particular case is treated depends upon how serious and deliberate the offense has been, but most of the Juvenile Offense cases could be handled to strengthen the defense of the offender.

While children under 18 can easily be given the juvenile status, the offenders aged from 18 to 21 are considered too old for that. However, the law offers the provision of the Young Offender status for them to reform. This is a one-time respite due to which the punishment for the offense becomes much more lenient than what it would be otherwise for a regular adult convict.

Another advantage of the Young Offender status is that the crime record will not be subject to public scrutiny and will not affect the background checks of the person in question. Therefore, even if you are beyond the age to qualify for juvenile delinquency, you can still consider legal help to reduce your sentence and to better your future prospects. Only an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney who has handled Juvenile Offense cases can help you find the legal protection you need when you go on the trial.

If you have not yet reached adulthood and have committed an offense that could be charged as a crime, then you require immediate legal protection and assistance. Same is true for an individual that you know have committed such an offense. Only referring to an experienced attorney who has handled juvenile delinquency cases could prove useful to your predicament.

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