Mobile Baldwin county misdemeanor defense lawyer


A misdemeanor offense is a crime where the potential range of punishment is less than one year in jail.  Even though this type of crime is considered less serious than a felony, a significant amount of jail time and fines could still be imposed if you are found guilty.  Additionally, with some types of misdemeanor crimes, there could be potential ramifications that could affect your rights to own a gun or could affect your employment opportunities for the rest of your life. Therefore, these offenses should be taken very seriously and you should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately upon your arrest.  You should avoid the mistake of thinking that since it’s not a felony, you can handle it on your own.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can listen to the circumstances surrounding your arrest, educate you on the law, analyze whether law enforcement has done there proper duty, and explain the options available to you.  Even if you are guilty of the offense and the prosecution can meet its’ burden of proof at trial, there may be other options available to you to keep the offense from going onto your permanent record.  If you have never been convicted of a crime in the past, you may be eligible for a good behavior program through the court or the District Attorneys Office that would allow the offense to be dismissed if you meet certain conditions and you stay out of trouble for a prescribed period of time.  If you are between the ages of 18 and 21, you may be eligible for something called Youthful Offender which could also keep the offense off of your permanent record.  However, the prosecution wont tell you about these options and you wont be afforded the opportunity of them unless you have an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At the law firm of Brian A. Dasinger, P.C., we have successfully handled thousands of misdemeanor cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.  From the crimes of DUI (in blue), Misdemeanor drug possession, Theft of Property 3rd, domestic violence 3rd, criminal trespass, misdemeanor traffic violations, and  almost any other misdemeanor offense imaginable, we have the experience and know how to successfully navigate the court system to bring you the best result possible.  Whether you desire to simply stay out of jail and keep your fines and costs as low as possible, or whether you desire to plead not guilty and be exonerated of false allegations, Brian A. Dasinger, P.C. is an honest, reputable law firm with the experience, expertise and passion to help you move on with your life in the best position possible.  If you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime, you should contact Brian A. Dasinger, P.C. today at (251) 928-5588 or at supportstaff@dasingerdefense.com.