Probation & Parole Violations

Mobile Baldwin County Defense LawyerOffenders who have previously been convicted and have served time are often released on parole. Other violators who have previously been released on parole are put under probation in which supervision becomes stricter than  a parole.

A local law enforcement official monitors their behavior as a citizen and reports any violations to the conditions of the parole or probation to the respective judicial authorities in a jurisdiction. The jurisdiction over probation remains under the judicial authority issuing the sentence to a convict, while the jurisdiction over parole is exercised by the Board of Probation and Parole. There is a certain difference between parole and probation.



A parole could be issued to a convict once they have served the required penal time of their sentence, once certified by the Alabama Department of Correction. Paroles are issued so that the balance of the unexpired or indefinite sentence can be served under supervision outside the prison. In the case of a violation of a parole, it is revoked and the convict is sent back to the prison to resume the sentence.



Probation could be issued to convicts who had been previously released on parole but ended up violating conditions. Probation serves as the last chance for the convicts to prove themselves to the legal authorities on the grounds of discipline. In case of the violation of probation, the convict is presented in front of the sentencing judge again who could order them to serve the rest of the sentence. In such a scenario, the time served under the probation is not credited.

The judges and the Parole and Probation Board have the authority to issue parole or probation orders for any convicts based on certain conditions. According to the conditions of the parole, a person needs to reside and work in a particular location and follow certain regulations. In order to monitor their compliance of the convicted offender with the conditions of the parole or the probation, a Parole or Probation Officer from the local law enforcement force is assigned the task. The convicted parolee or probationers must report to the supervising official and must follow their advice and instructions.

The citizens of the State of Alabama are bound by the provisions in its laws pertaining to paroles and probations. If you have violated your parole or probation, then it could particularly complicate your case and could result in the imposition of further restrictions and even resumption of jail sentence. While the final decision is up to the sentencing judge, the right legal advise on what course to follow can help improve your situation significantly.

Brian Dasinger, P.C., is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled several parole and probation violation cases. The attorney studies the case of every client on a personal level and vehemently researches in order to present a strong case and to avoid them being sent to prison again. Probation violations are particularly treated very strictly in the State of Alabama, which is why you could be in trouble if you do not have a reliable attorney by your side.

If you have been released on parole or are on probation and know someone who needs legal assistance in case of a possible violation, then do not delay to seek advice any further. Call now.

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