Child Support

Mobile Baldwin County Fairhope Child Support AttorneySettling a legal dispute or obligation pertaining to child support can be a life-altering moment for both the parents. However, as personal, unpleasant and emotionally demanding this problem may be, you cannot afford to ignore it and remain unprepared for the legal complications that await you.

If you are a citizen of Alabama, then you could be one of the 13 of every 100 couples in the state who file for a divorce. More often than not, the divorce of these couples involves a baby and the questions of custody and child support are immediately brought in. These questions can prove to be defining moments for the baby’s life, because they would significantly determine how he or she spends her childhood and adolescence.

In order to prepare for the child support case, you should familiarize with the Alabama state law pertaining to the issue. The State of Alabama has prescribed procedures for child support that take the gross income of both the parents into account. The guidelines are pretty detailed which keep into account the child’s education, extra-curricular activities and several other needs. The child support order is issued if the court finds the parents to be properly unable to follow the prescribed guidelines.

If you are residing in Baldwin County, Alabama, then you would need a quality Baldwin County Child Support Attorney to assist you with all the legal complications involved in child support cases. Child support cases are also brought up in the cases of unmarried couples, in which case the court would require determining the legal father in order to issue a support order.

Brian Dasinger, C.P., is an experienced and reputed Baldwin County Child Support Attorney who can help you in determining the legal parentage, apart from taking care of other matters pertaining to child support cases. The attorney can also help parents getting the court child support orders modified in order to enable them to follow the guidelines properly, as per their given means and resources.

Court child support orders are subject to change with respect to various factors, such as the income level of the parents. The change in income should be no less than 10 percent for the court to consider modifying the child support order. However, parents should take care that the failure of observing the court’s order could charge them with the contempt of court, or result in withholding their income.

If the other parent is being uncooperative and abusive in terms of the child support issue, the attorney can also help in mediating, negotiating and even taking legal action to help the client and the baby get their right. If the problem also involves the custody of the child, the attorney can also offer the right legal advice in that regard and can practically assist in securing custody.

Child support is a complex issue and involves a number of legal complexities. If you are a parent in Baldwin Country, Alabama, who is struggling with a child support case, then you should call right away to find the legal consultation you need to help resolve your problems.

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