mobile baldwin county divorce attorneyA divorce is one of the most difficult things that you can ever face.  It is much more than just the end of your marriage, the issues that go along with it can affect the rest of your life and the people you care for most.  You may be uncertain about your future, your finances and how you will support yourself and your family.  In a potential divorce situation, you will have many questions that you want answered.  Questions such as “Will I have to move out? What rights do I have with my children? How do I calculate child support? How do we divide our assets and debts? Will I be entitled to or have to pay alimony? In these situations, you need the advice of a calm and steady family law attorney who can listen to your needs, advise you on your options and who will go above and beyond the call of duty to protect your rights and interests.

A divorce requires careful preparation. Anyone going through this horrendous experience can benefit greatly from the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney well versed in Alabama Law that is familiar with the local courtrooms.  Even the simplest Uncontested Divorces will require a court filing, a division of assets and debts and a detailed documenting of all child custody and child support arrangements.

Many divorces bring about very complex and highly contested issues which must be examined in great detail.  At Brian A. Dasinger, P.C., we will get to know you and your desires, we will jointly determine your objectives and we will devise a plan to obtain your goals.  We will perform the diligent pretrial work that is required to properly prepare your case for trial.  However, we also realize that the longer that your divorce drags on, the more costly it becomes and the more difficult it becomes for you to move forward with your life.  Therefore, at Brian A. Dasinger, P.C., we believe in exploring every means possible to accomplish your objectives prior to trial and the majority of our cases reach settlement agreements prior to trial through negotiation or mediation.  However, if the other side fails to see our reasonable views and it becomes time for us to fight, then there is no better law firm to have on your side as we have developed a well-known reputation for our courtroom prowess throughout Southeast Alabama.

If you are looking for an experienced divorce attorney you can count on, look no further than Brian A. Dasinger, P.C..  Call or email us today for a free consultation.