Uncontested Divorce

Mobile & Baldwin county divorce attorneyWhether uncontested or not, divorce is always painful and takes a huge emotional toll on the lives of both the partners. However, if you have following factors involved in your separation, then the divorce is most likely to be settled in the court.

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Division of Property
  • Other Complex Asset Scenarios

In any case, you would have to respond to a divorce filed by your partner in order to either retain or demand their rightful share in property or the custody of the child. While this is a highly personal and emotional matter, not being prepared for this legal battle could cause further anguish, frustration and loss.

Alabama happens to have the second highest divorce rate of 13% in the United States, as per the data compiled from American Bar Association, CDC and the 2011 Census Bureau. According to the same sources, the filing procedure in the state is not the most convenient in the entire country. Therefore, you can be sure that you can make your life much easier living in the state, if you consult a quality and reputed Alabama divorce attorney.

If you are based in Baldwin County, Alabama, then you could find consulting Brian Dasinger, P.C., to be of help in resolving your divorce case.

We believe that mediation and negotiation should always be the preferred way to settle differences between separating couples. And if the option of reconciliation is completely ruled out, then negotiations can be carried out to help settle the differences in property division and child custody and visitation matters.

Brian Dasigner, P.C., is an experienced Baldwin County Divorce Attorney who has settled several divorce cases successfully. These cases have involved high net worth executives to prominent professionals and have involved arguments and allegations pertaining to parental neglect, wrongdoing such as adultery, abuse, domestic violence and child support and alimony.

The attorney offers a personal and caring representation, safeguarding the interests and privacy of the client while offering moral support at the same time. A quality attorney would always respect the sensitivity involved in handling a divorce case, and you can always expect an experienced divorce attorney to understand the emotional and legal complexities involved in it. Divorce cases can involve a lot of traumatic and uncomfortable allegations and at Brian Dasinger, P.C., we take care that we offer our clients the moral and emotional support they need to get through this ordeal.

The divorce settlement legal procedures can take as long as up to 210 days on average in the State of Alabama, and could involve a painstaking level of attention and involving significant legal costs. While the process can be draining emotionally, the attorney could help you cut down on unnecessary legal costs and get your position strong in terms of child custody and property division or retention.

If you need to file a divorce or need to respond to a divorce case in Baldwin County, Alabama, then you should feel free to call for the required legal assistance.

Brian Dasinger, P.C.